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Discover Scuba Diving


Have you always wondered what it is like to be able to breathe underwater? If you want to try scuba diving but are not yet ready for a full course that concludes with a “certification” (ie with a PADI diving license), Discover Scuba Diving (which is often referred to as “trial scuba diving”) is just that Right one for you. PADI dive centers offer this program either in a swimming pool, in the shallow water in front of the beach, or from a dive boat. You can try diving near you or on vacation at a dive center. Discover Scuba Diving is not a diving course with a “certification”, but a quick and easy introduction where you can dive a little into the underwater world with a diving device.

You must be
at least 10 years old to enroll in a PADI Discover Scuba Diving program . You don't need previous diving experience, but you do need to be in good health.


Are you ready to try it out?


You will learn the basic safety guidelines and skills that you need for diving, under the direct supervision ("supervision") of a PADI professional. If you are diving in open water, such as a lake or ocean, you will practice some diving skills in relatively shallow water to prepare for your underwater adventure.


Be ready:


  • To a review of the scuba gear you will be using and how easily you can move around underwater with it.

  • To get to know the feeling when you can breathe underwater.

  • To learn the most important skills you need while diving.

  • To have fun swimming around and exploring the underwater environment.

  • To educate you on how to become a “certified” diver (ie, a diver with a PADI certification) on the PADI Open Water Diver course.

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Course price incl. 21% IVA


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