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Rescue Diver


Most divers find this course both challenging and rewarding, and in retrospect say that it is the best course they have ever taken. Why is that? You learn more about problem detection and avoidance, you gain more confidence in your skills as a diver, and you realize that you can help other divers if necessary. During the course you will learn to become a better diving partner; To do this, you practice problem-solving skills until they become an habit. In addition, the course is a lot of fun - the background is serious, but there are always opportunities to laugh even with concentrated learning.

PADI (Junior) Advanced Open Water Divers, ages 12 and up,  can register for a Rescue Diver course. You must also have completed Emergency First Response Primary Care and Secondary Care training within the past 24 months. This training can be done during your Rescue Diver course. Your instructor may also offer you to take the PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider course, where you learn how to administer emergency oxygen.

The PADI Rescue Diver course prepares you to avoid small and more serious diving emergencies and, if necessary, to manage them using various techniques. By expanding your theoretical knowledge and various rescue exercises in the water, you will learn what to look out for and how to react. In the final rescue scenarios, you put your knowledge and skills into practice. Some of the topics in the course are:

  • Self rescue

  • How to recognize and deal with stress in other divers

  • Emergency management and equipment

  • Rescue a diver in panic

  • Rescue an unresponsive diver

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Course price without teaching materials and certification, incl. 21% IVA

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