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Water temperature: 14 ° -28 ° C

Water depth: 5-30 meters

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Fantastic diving in Mallorca, the largest island in the Balearic Islands.


The dives on this east side of Mallorca lead you along the most beautiful underwater walls of the island in full color.


Our dive center is located in one of the best areas for diving in Mallorca. Cala Barca is near Porto Petro, next to Cala d'Or, with numerous bays, caves and grottos inhabited by wrasse, red mullet, monk fish, gobies, octopods, moray eels, barracudas, seahorses, snails, perches, sea urchins, starfish and more much more.


The topography on this side of the island features reefs and walls sloping down to 30 meters. Huge rock formations with native creatures as well as sandy areas or endless seagrass meadows. Entrances over the sandy beach to jumping from the rocky coast into the blue water allow us to discover this underwater world.


Accompanied by this wonderful flora and fauna, every dive is unique and always different.


For those who want to explore Mallorca's underwater nightlife, we offer a night dive once a week. Here you can watch octopods hunting, among other things.



Which diving spots in our area are definitely worth a look under water:


Cala Barca: Our training bay directly on site, access from the beach, max. depth 10m


House reef: A private entry makes this dive site special, max. depth 20m


Arianas Rock: A huge rock is hidden between the house reef and Cala Barca, max.depth 20m


Sa Torre: Another place for beginners, if it is too wavy in Cala Barca, max. depth 10m


Cala Llamp: The tongue in Cala d'Or leaves nothing to be desired. 4 dive sites in one! Max. Depth 30m

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Cala Egos: The diving spot popular with beginners ends right on the sandy beach! Max. depth 20m


Stella: Out into the open sea is the motto, max. depth 30m


Parque Mar: Our underwater park in the middle of Cala d'Or offers something for every diver. Max. depth 30m


Sa Galera: The almost unrecognizable wreck in front of the island. Max. depth 30m


Es Forti: Here we have the opportunity to dive two ways again. Max. depth 30m


La Cruz: A dive site with spiritual significance, will we find the Buddha? Max. depth 30m


Cala Sa Nau: The cave is worth it! Max. depth 20m


Cabrera: You shouldn't miss the national park off the south coast of Mallorca. This wonderful diving area is located south of Mallorca and can be reached by boat. The "goat island" as it is called here offers five untouched dive sites. Max. depth 30m

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